Tuesday, November 29, 2016

No answers? No problem

Once in a while, our dogs will wake me up in the middle of the night wanting to go outside, which they did last night around 4 am. As I let them out I heard a chorus of barking, on top of their barking. I went outside to have a look and there were two huge Great Pyranease dogs! I've known one or two in the past and most are great big friendly dogs. Thank God these two were happy to see me since it was just them and myself out there in my night shirt wondering where in the world they came from.

Our male dog Hooper is the protector so he was chasing them around or trying to as they sort of looked at him with an expression that said, "what are you doing"?  These dogs weighed about 160 pounds each, at least.

Mike heard all the commotion and came out to find all of us going around in circles and these two huge dogs having a rather good time. We finally got our dogs in the house and put the visitors in our kennel. It was really cold last night but these dogs have really thick heavy coats, so we gave them water and went back to bed.

They did have collars and tags on so we called the owner and she came to pick them up later that morning. She told us where she lived and we figured the two dogs had traveled about 10 miles to our house!

The other really strange thing is, we can't figure out how they got into our yard area. We live on 5 acres and the area around the house is fully and heavily fenced, to keep our dogs in and others out. So how did two 300+ pound dogs get it?

About a month ago, I posted a story on Facebook about a chihuahua that had also wandered onto our property. Turned out he was really sick so we took him to the vet, he had no collar or ID. The vets tried to save the poor little guy but he was just too sick so we had to put him down after a week of meds and hope that he would make it. We're not sure where he came from either.

So what's the point? There are so many times in life and in my work as a psychic/medium that there are no answers and that is the way its supposed to be. My Spirit Guides remind me from time to time that those of us here on Earth have a very narrow view of life, the afterlife and the life lessons we come here to learn. We have a sort of tunnel vision during this life with no recall (most of the time) of our past lives or the karma we are working out.

Most of the time the Guides are more than happy to pass on as much information as they possibly can, through me, during a reading. That is their purpose, to help and assist you. But the exception does happen and sometimes it is simply not in our best interest to know' the why' about everything.

So, the next time your out at 4 am to star gaze or take your dogs out, keep an eye peeled. A 160 pound dog may be in your yard just to say hello, for some reason:)    

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