Monday, November 14, 2016

Life & Change - You're tougher than you may think

Change, so they say, is the only constant in life. It is true, but like many people, I still don't like it. At least not all of the time or all of the changes that come about all on their own. Change is a funny thing since I believe we are hard-wired to resist it to varying degrees.  I hear it all the time when doing readings. We human beings can be tough, resistant and stubborn and I think those are invaluable qualities to have if you're going to survive all the changes we encounter during our lives.

Now at the ripe old age of 56 I see changes in myself that I didn't' exactly plan for. Their not all bad, there is definitely a good side to maturity. I am better at surrendering to what is out of my control like people, places, and things. This concept is a work in progress. It's very weird to get to this age and begin to see people dying. People from TV, movies, and even newscasters I watched growing up in Los Angeles.

The odd part is that seeing others die, usually makes us think of our own death or our lives sort of winding down. I know that sounds a bit extreme, after all, it's not like I'm 80, but it does pop into my mind from time to time. Years ago a very good friend of mine who was in his early 60's told me all of his friends were dying off! He had been to more funerals than he cared to count in the previous year. I think life is sort of like that. Time does speed up as you age and if it actually doesn't, I can tell you the perception of it speeding up is very real.

You know how your grandfather could tell you about a time when he was nine years old but he can't remember what he had for dinner two nights ago? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Oh sure, go ahead and laugh it's okay. I know it's funny but it's also just weird. I wonder at what point did I begin to walk into another room in the house and totally forget what I was looking for? 

Life can be tricky....Here we are going along, living life and all of a sudden poof, we're called out of the game, just like that. But that is life on earth and somewhere along the line, I think we read and signed the contract before choosing to enter these physical bodies. Perhaps this is a reminder to enjoy it all, even the challenging times. Keep in mind that too will change for that is the one constant. 

I am happy to say that overall, life remains very sweet, very rich and ver satisfying. My wish for you is the same.

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