Monday, November 21, 2016

Leave your door open for blessings

In my work as a Psychic I get to meet so many wonderful, different types of people. My work is never boring. Over the years and after doing thousands of readings, I have come to recognize certain patterns that come up again and again in all people.  We humans can be an odd bunch, myself included. We seem to be prone to certain behaviors like resistance. My Spirit Guides always remind me that it is our own free will that governs each of our lives. We can actually do anything we like, there is nothing stopping us.

But what has been in the spotlight lately is resistance in general and how having or holding on to resistance can get in our way. As an example, I met with a woman a few weeks ago who like many people was resistant to a few of the predictions the Guides were telling her about. One of them was the possibility of meeting a man who would be a companion, friend and a romantic interest. Right away the energy of resistance came up. When I'm doing readings these feelings come to me in waves and in pictures. I actually feel what the person sitting with me is feeling.

I have no judgment about any one's feelings during a reading. Everyone has the right to feel however they feel, it's an individual experience. If anything, I can relate to these very human feelings and resistance is fear and who can't relate to that?

The point is, that many times if we insist on holding on to resistance we may be blocking something wonderful from coming into our lives. When I share a prediction of something great coming into someones life, my Guides always remind me to tell my clients that in order to 'see' this possible partner or great new job or whatever, when it appears, it is very helpful to drop resistance to it in the first place. Just remain open to something wonderful happening at just the right time.

This may seem like a very simple thing to do but sometimes a prediction of a new job or a new love can bring out fear, old hurt feelings or a case of the what ifs.  But if we hold on to our resistance or fear we run the chance of not 'seeing' that opportunity when it does walk into our life. If our hearts and minds are clouded with fear or resistance we may not even give it a chance.

Having hope and faith can be a difficult thing, we don't want to be let down - I understand. Just keep in mind though, that resistance can act as a wall, a giant boulder blocking something unbelievably, incredibly wonderful. Take a chance, what have you got to lose? You can always take your resistance back if you choose.

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