Tuesday, November 29, 2016

No answers? No problem

Once in a while, our dogs will wake me up in the middle of the night wanting to go outside, which they did last night around 4 am. As I let them out I heard a chorus of barking, on top of their barking. I went outside to have a look and there were two huge Great Pyranease dogs! I've known one or two in the past and most are great big friendly dogs. Thank God these two were happy to see me since it was just them and myself out there in my night shirt wondering where in the world they came from.

Our male dog Hooper is the protector so he was chasing them around or trying to as they sort of looked at him with an expression that said, "what are you doing"?  These dogs weighed about 160 pounds each, at least.

Mike heard all the commotion and came out to find all of us going around in circles and these two huge dogs having a rather good time. We finally got our dogs in the house and put the visitors in our kennel. It was really cold last night but these dogs have really thick heavy coats, so we gave them water and went back to bed.

They did have collars and tags on so we called the owner and she came to pick them up later that morning. She told us where she lived and we figured the two dogs had traveled about 10 miles to our house!

The other really strange thing is, we can't figure out how they got into our yard area. We live on 5 acres and the area around the house is fully and heavily fenced, to keep our dogs in and others out. So how did two 300+ pound dogs get it?

About a month ago, I posted a story on Facebook about a chihuahua that had also wandered onto our property. Turned out he was really sick so we took him to the vet, he had no collar or ID. The vets tried to save the poor little guy but he was just too sick so we had to put him down after a week of meds and hope that he would make it. We're not sure where he came from either.

So what's the point? There are so many times in life and in my work as a psychic/medium that there are no answers and that is the way its supposed to be. My Spirit Guides remind me from time to time that those of us here on Earth have a very narrow view of life, the afterlife and the life lessons we come here to learn. We have a sort of tunnel vision during this life with no recall (most of the time) of our past lives or the karma we are working out.

Most of the time the Guides are more than happy to pass on as much information as they possibly can, through me, during a reading. That is their purpose, to help and assist you. But the exception does happen and sometimes it is simply not in our best interest to know' the why' about everything.

So, the next time your out at 4 am to star gaze or take your dogs out, keep an eye peeled. A 160 pound dog may be in your yard just to say hello, for some reason:)    

Monday, November 21, 2016

Leave your door open for blessings

In my work as a Psychic I get to meet so many wonderful, different types of people. My work is never boring. Over the years and after doing thousands of readings, I have come to recognize certain patterns that come up again and again in all people.  We humans can be an odd bunch, myself included. We seem to be prone to certain behaviors like resistance. My Spirit Guides always remind me that it is our own free will that governs each of our lives. We can actually do anything we like, there is nothing stopping us.

But what has been in the spotlight lately is resistance in general and how having or holding on to resistance can get in our way. As an example, I met with a woman a few weeks ago who like many people was resistant to a few of the predictions the Guides were telling her about. One of them was the possibility of meeting a man who would be a companion, friend and a romantic interest. Right away the energy of resistance came up. When I'm doing readings these feelings come to me in waves and in pictures. I actually feel what the person sitting with me is feeling.

I have no judgment about any one's feelings during a reading. Everyone has the right to feel however they feel, it's an individual experience. If anything, I can relate to these very human feelings and resistance is fear and who can't relate to that?

The point is, that many times if we insist on holding on to resistance we may be blocking something wonderful from coming into our lives. When I share a prediction of something great coming into someones life, my Guides always remind me to tell my clients that in order to 'see' this possible partner or great new job or whatever, when it appears, it is very helpful to drop resistance to it in the first place. Just remain open to something wonderful happening at just the right time.

This may seem like a very simple thing to do but sometimes a prediction of a new job or a new love can bring out fear, old hurt feelings or a case of the what ifs.  But if we hold on to our resistance or fear we run the chance of not 'seeing' that opportunity when it does walk into our life. If our hearts and minds are clouded with fear or resistance we may not even give it a chance.

Having hope and faith can be a difficult thing, we don't want to be let down - I understand. Just keep in mind though, that resistance can act as a wall, a giant boulder blocking something unbelievably, incredibly wonderful. Take a chance, what have you got to lose? You can always take your resistance back if you choose.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Life & Change - You're tougher than you may think

Change, so they say, is the only constant in life. It is true, but like many people, I still don't like it. At least not all of the time or all of the changes that come about all on their own. Change is a funny thing since I believe we are hard-wired to resist it to varying degrees.  I hear it all the time when doing readings. We human beings can be tough, resistant and stubborn and I think those are invaluable qualities to have if you're going to survive all the changes we encounter during our lives.

Now at the ripe old age of 56 I see changes in myself that I didn't' exactly plan for. Their not all bad, there is definitely a good side to maturity. I am better at surrendering to what is out of my control like people, places, and things. This concept is a work in progress. It's very weird to get to this age and begin to see people dying. People from TV, movies, and even newscasters I watched growing up in Los Angeles.

The odd part is that seeing others die, usually makes us think of our own death or our lives sort of winding down. I know that sounds a bit extreme, after all, it's not like I'm 80, but it does pop into my mind from time to time. Years ago a very good friend of mine who was in his early 60's told me all of his friends were dying off! He had been to more funerals than he cared to count in the previous year. I think life is sort of like that. Time does speed up as you age and if it actually doesn't, I can tell you the perception of it speeding up is very real.

You know how your grandfather could tell you about a time when he was nine years old but he can't remember what he had for dinner two nights ago? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Oh sure, go ahead and laugh it's okay. I know it's funny but it's also just weird. I wonder at what point did I begin to walk into another room in the house and totally forget what I was looking for? 

Life can be tricky....Here we are going along, living life and all of a sudden poof, we're called out of the game, just like that. But that is life on earth and somewhere along the line, I think we read and signed the contract before choosing to enter these physical bodies. Perhaps this is a reminder to enjoy it all, even the challenging times. Keep in mind that too will change for that is the one constant. 

I am happy to say that overall, life remains very sweet, very rich and ver satisfying. My wish for you is the same.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Attitude, Attitude, Gratitude:)

I was in the grocery store the other day and I heard the cashier ask the woman checking out in front of me, "How are you today?"   The woman responded with a big smile on her face, "I am blessed and highly favored by a loving God!" in a very chipper and upbeat voice. I'll be honest with you, my first thought was oh brother, how annoying!  I caught myself and thought, hmmmm what's with that attitude?

Here was a woman who was very open and vocal about her faith in God. She had absolutly no problem sharing this with the cashier. I gave it some thought and I guess what rubbed me the wrong way was the idea of her wearing God on her sleave. When it comes to religious beliefs or your own personal relationship with God, I think that is a rather private matter. And that goes for non-believers as well - to each his own.

Then I started to wonder if this women's obvious strong faith in what she thinks of as God, was a game changer. What if I had such an unwavering faith in what I call God? Would my life be different, would I have more peace, would I have more gratitude for the little things in life?

A good friend of mine was recently dealing with several difficult situations in her life. It was a time when nothing was going her way, it was a very challenging time. As we were talking I was reminded by my Spirit Guides that during those tough times it's helpful to write a gratitude list.

We've all had those difficult times when when our lives seem to be out of control. Perhaps we've put a great deal of time and effort into a job or relationship only to have it fall apart despite our efforts. The job that was going so well is coming to an end or just when you're getting ahead financially your hit with a large expense you didn't see coming.

All of us have been in those situations where life just happens and the only thing we can control is the way we react to those events - a very tall order in many instances. A gratitude list can help you regain perspective over a difficult situation knowing that yes, things can always be worse. All you have to do is look around and see how tough many people's lives are.

My list includes having a roof over my head and it's not cardboard. Being able to function physically, having the use of my arms, legs, my eye site. These are gifts that many people don't have. I am grateful to be able to go to the grocery store to buy food, live in a clean comfortable home, have a nice bed to sleep in....not to mention all the wonderful people in my life. I am also grateful for the opportunity to do the work I do, to be of service to help, to have a purpose.

So even though that women in the grocery store was a little bit over the top, I am grateful that I was in the right place at the right time to hear what she had to say and to be reminded that yes, I am blessed and so are you.    

Friday, November 4, 2016

Hard headed? Who me?!

One of the great things I have learned from my work as a Psychic/Afterlife Communicator, is the ability to laugh at myself. I believe some of that comes with age. I have been so fortunate to have spoken to thousands of people over the years and what a fantastic learning opportunity it has been and continues to be.  

There are certain patterns that show up from time to time, lessons to be learned by my clients and myself. Lately the theme has been (for lack of a better way to say it) is, "There are more ways than one to skin a cat". Or, if what you're doing is not working, try another way. It always amazes me how patient and kind the Divine creator is. I think sometimes he or she, must look down upon us and think wow - that one is really slow to learn. I am speaking of myself here and just how human we can be.

For quite a few months now I have been struggling with an issue and looking at if from various angles, trying this, trying that with no luck at all. I have given it everything I have, I have left no stone un-turned, I have researched it, I have worried about it, put money into it, prayed about it, on and on and on. So, at last - I have surrendered, I have turned it over, I waved the white flag.

What I let go of is the key here. I let go of having this situation happen the way I want it to. My goal is the same BUT I am now resigned to the fact that it will happen if it's meant to be and if it is for my highest good. Whew - That only took me a few years!

It's funny now, but not so much as I was insisting and working towards that goal I had in mind. We humans are an odd bunch. Sometimes we just have to get beat down before we get it or at least I do. Sometimes this lack of flexibility is disguised as hard work. There is nothing wrong with having a goal and working towards it. But if the goal continues to elude us again and again and again - we are forced to rethink our goal, our strategy or both. This is a blessing, sometimes in disguise and other times it is staring us in the face, waving it's arms, jumping up and down.

So, now I am free and I have freed up the situation to resolve itself. Huh, what a concept.