Monday, October 31, 2016

All in a day's work

Sometimes I'm asked why I became a Psychic.....Why I chose this work. I don't know that I set out to do this work as a living or a full time profession - it just sort of happened. I have been communicating with my Spirit Guides since I was 14 and with those who've passed since I was 19. This fascination was not a secret to my family since I started with Automatic Writing, which is described as writing without conscious thought, while a teenager. When I began this process I would write down what my Guides were saying to me and then try my best to figure out what I had written. Spirit Guides speak very quickly and it was hard to keep up since my hand writing was so sloppy. So, I began to type what my Guides were saying and I still do the same today.

This 'Psychic' business was a surprise to many of my friends when I came out of the Psychic closet years ago and I've known quite a few of my them for 30+ years. Surprise!! The surprise was on me however, since not one person has ever said, "You do what???!!!" That part happily, was all in my head. It did take a leap of faith though to share this particular part of myself and an even bigger leap to go public.

If there is a downside to being a working and very public Psychic, it is the bad name Psychics have in general. You have your real Psychics and then you have your hacks. UGG, how does the public tell the difference?  There are a few very good & sensible ways in which to do this. But how do I not get grouped with the hacks? Well, that comes under the category of things I cannot control so I let it go and rely on my Spirit Guides to bring me those that I can help.

I believe that each of us are psychic, that we all have an internal guidance system telling us which way to go and what to do or not do. I also believe that all of us have a higher power watching out for us. I think each of us can look back at certain times in our lives and wonder how in the world we ever survived -  I know I can and I know it wasn't me!

So if you'd like to tune into your Spirit Guides, higher self or that quite inner voice, try to get quite. For some people, meditation works or listening to guided meditations or walking or yoga. Whatever works for you and helps you to quiet your mind will help you to get in touch with that inner voice. All of us are so busy with daily living that it can be difficult to tune it all out. Our internet was down for 2 days last week for some technical reason and I have to admit I liked it:) Ahhhh one less thing to do! It was like a mini vacation, maybe give it a try? 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Storeis and ramblings from a working Psychic-Medium

People ask me sometimes how long I've been able to hear Spirit Guides and those who have passed....A long time now that I'm in my 50's....But I also communicate with animals which is really interesting, not that everyone else isn't.

So I had a sad situation the other day with a dog who really wants her owner to 'get' that she will be leaving her dog body at some point and now would be a good time for her to grasp this since she is 14 years old. The dog is very funny, bold and insistent and has started to bark non-stop much to the displeasure of her mom and the man she is married to. The dog, Kelly is really angry at this point and that is what her barking sounds like - like she is ticked off - and she is.

So when I communicate with animals, they tend to speak much like Spirit Guides in that they communicate using pictures to describe situations or feelings. Kelly has been with her mom her entire life and it used to be just Kelly and her mom before she got married, which Kelly is not so happy about. It was a big change for Kelly and she has always taken her owners side and still barks at her mom's husband as if she doesn't know him - she does, of course, she just does not appreciate the intrusion. She liked it when it was her and her mom - period.

Kelly the dog told me a few things, that she is tired and most of all that she would like her mom to be OK that she will be leaving at some point. Kelly has begun slowly, her transition to the other side. She is not quite all there, sort of doggie dementia on a small scale. I mentioned this to her mom and she said yes, many times Kelly will stare off into space as if she is watching or listening to someone or something. This is the beginning of the transition. I know this not only because my Spirit Guides have explained the process, but I have had a few of my dogs do this over the years. It is in preparation for leaving their physical body.

Having had dogs for most of my adult life, I know, at least for me, there is nothing more difficult than having to make and carry out the decision to end your dog's life. I've had to make this decision way too many times. On the other hand, it's just part of the deal and the way I see it, it is my responsibility to make sure that my dog's do not suffer unnessesarily - period.

We can be rather selfish sometimes.....hanging on to our beloved pets who have become a big part of our everyday lives. They are our companions, our friends and someone we can pour out our feelings to when no one else will understand or know how to keep quiet about private things. I am grateful for my dogs and even as gut wrenching as it is to let them go at the end of their lives - I would not want to live without their constant love and devotion. They are each remarkable and unique.